Science Night 2023

On the 26th of May ASAP is organising the 12 th edition of the annual Science Night! 

During this evening we will explore the importance of “Connecting with Nature” while living in an urban city.  How to maintain a strong connection with nature, even amidst the hustle and bustle of city life? Together with three pioneering scientists we will try to answer this question. The night will start with a delicious dinner and end with a fun party! 

Ticket price is including entrance, dinner, 7 drinks and the party! 
Find the programme booklet here!


Date: May 26

Location: Pakhuis de Zwijger, Piet Heijnkade 179, 1019 HC Amsterdam

Ticket price: €25 including dinner and 7 drinks 

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Menno Schilthuizen

Professor Menno Schilthuizen is an evolutionary biologist and ecoloogist. He works as a researcher at Naturalis Biodiversity Center and as a professor at Leiden University. He is also active as a science communicator, inspiring people to view their urban environment as an exciting new habitat for wild animals and plants. This is the message of his book “Darwin Comes to Town” and also of his TED lecture and the “Citizen – science expeditions” that he organizes. During the Science Night Menno will show how the city is a place where animals and plants are evolving and adapting at breakneck speed, a process that is creating an entirely new community life before our eyes! 

Find more information about Menno Schilthuizen on his website

Bas Haring 

 Bas Haring is a philosopher and professor of “Public understanding of science”. With his engaging and accessible style, Bas will take you on a journey through the history of our relationship with nature. He will challenge you to think critically aout our role in the natural world, and to consider the ethical and moral implications of our actions. Whether you are a scientist, a nature lover, or simply curious about the world around you, Bas’s talk is sure to inspire and inform. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with one of the most engaging speakers in the field of “Public Understanding of Science”!

Find more information about Bas Haring on his website

Jeroen Schipper

 Jeroen Schipper is a Dutch architect. Together with Patrick Meijers he founded Orange Architects; a multidisciplinary firm for architecture, ruban design, interiors and outdoor space, located in the heart of Rotterdam. Recently their Amsterdam apartment complex Jonas was named the Best Building of 2023 by the Association of Dutch Architectural Firms (BNA). 

During this evening, Jeroen will tell everything about their mission and vision to make a better living environment together. Sharing knowledge and having an integral approach to sustainability is an importan design ambition in their work. For this Orange works on the basis of a broad definition of sustainability, built upon three pillars: WORLD I WE I VAKUE. Their mission is to incorportate and unite these themes in all their projects, from the first sketches to completion. 

Apart from this Jeroen has been appointed as supervisor for the Overamstel project area in Amsterdam. Before he was a charman of Committee III for buildings and monuments in Amsterdam and member of the Committee for buildings and monuments in Rotterdam. Since 1990 Jeroen has taught at different architecture schools and has iven numerous architectural lectures, in the Netherlands and abroad.

Fin more information about the award winning building Jonas and Orange Architects.

 Maurice Aalders

 Maurice Aalders is a professor in forensic biophysics, and works as a professor at the Amsterdam UMC location AMC. He is also co-director of the Co van Ledden Hulsebosch Center (CLHC), an interdisciplinary center of expertise for forensic scientific and medical research in Amsterdam, and founder of Forensic Technical Solutions (FTS), specializing in the development of spectral (imaging) techniques for the crime scene.

His inspirational talk will show us that crime scenes don’t only mean death, but can also be the foundation of new life. Get along the journey of this specialist in the field of forensic research!

Find more information about Maurice Aalders on his research profile and his talks from Universiteit van Nederland


Natasha Hulst

Natasha Hust has worked for more than 20  years at the nexus between economy and ecology. As the Programme Director at the Schumacher Center for New Economics, she actively supports international and national collaboration for land commons, emphasizing the importance of Community Land Trusts in increasing access to land for agroecological farmers. Natasha is also the Founder of Voedselpark Amsterdam, where she spearheads the preservation of fertile farmland and the creation of a large-scale urban agroecological food park as a living lab for ecological solutions. Additionally, she has contributed to the establishment of Stichting Grond van Bestaan, a Dutch Community Land Trust supporting local commons and ecological stewardship of the land. With a passion for positive system change. Her diverse experiences and educational background, including degrees in Biology and Science, Technology, and Innovation Dynamics, have equipped her with a unique perspective to drive impactful change in various sectors through commons-based ecological solutions.


Find more information about Voeldselpark Amsterdam and about Natasha Hulst here. 



Evening program

18:00 Sign up and reception 

18:30 Walking dinner

19:30 Welcome and introduction

19:45 Start of the speakers programme 

22:15 Entertainment and drinks (until 01:00)







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