Your rights as a PhD-candidate

Contracts, maternity leave, education and compensations: it can be difficult sometimes to know what your rights are.

According to the NFU (Nederlandse Federatie van Universitair Medische Centra) guidelines for PhD tracks, a standard research trainee (OIO) employment is 4 years of full time research work. As ASAP we do not approve of contracts for shorter periods or contracts that are ‘consolidated.’ Do you wish to work part-time or is your contract changed to part-time? Legally, your contract should be extended proportionally. In case of parental leave you are also entitled to an extension of your contract. However, this does not always happen automatically, don’t be afraid to discuss this!

According to the NFU the academic training of a PhD candidate should equal 20 to 30 EC. The costs of the education should be paid for by your employer and education is given during working hours. If your contract is ending and not being extended, you can apply for a transition allowance.

Want to learn more? Visit these links from the website of Promovendi Netwerk Nederland or the NFU Do you have any questions or concerns regarding your rights as an Amsterdam UMC PhD candidate? ASAP strives to support the rights of all Amsterdam UMC PhD candidates!  Don’t hesitate to contact us!